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Juventus IF

Juventus IF (Juventus Athletic Association) was formed in 1948 in Vasteras like a fan club to one of the worlds biggest football teams Juventus FC from Torino. That is why the name of the team is Juventus IF.

Juventus IF was founded by Italians who came to Sweden in the 40 century and is considered the eldest football club in Europe that was started by immigrants. Their biggest sporting success came under the current management team headed by manager Franco Pertunaj. 

In 2008 Juventus won the IF "triple". Juventus IF went up to the 4th Division, won the VLT Cup and also won the DM (district championship) in Futsal.

In 2012, the club will be playing in the 3rd Division ...

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Klubbfakta Juventus IF
Grundad Hemort Supporters
1948 Västerås 
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29 nov 2016 Serien fastställd! A-laget
30 jul 2016 Vilken vändning! A-laget
24 jul 2016 Delad pott mot Riala A-laget
20 apr 2016 Oavgjort i premiären A-laget
9 apr 2016 Vinst i genrepet! A-laget
25 jan 2016 Spelprogrammet för 2.. A-laget
18 dec 2015 Serien 2016 A-laget
7 nov 2015 Serieförslag för 201.. A-laget
9 mar 2012 Inför GUSK-ESK A-laget
7 mar 2012 Oavgjort mot Juventu.. A-laget
6 mar 2012 Inför Juventus IF-ES.. A-laget
29 feb 2012 Ytterligare en träni.. A-laget